The First Pangasius Festival In 2022 In Hong Ngu City, Dong Thap Province

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On December 16, 2022, the first Pangasius Festival officially took place with the Opening Ceremony at Vo Nguyen Giap Square, Hong Ngu City, Dong Thap Province, under the theme “Vươn ra biển lớn” (Reaching out to sea).

The Pangasius Festival lasted for two days, from December 16th to December 17th, at Vo Nguyen Giap Square, Hong Ngu City. This was an opportunity to promote pangasius products and showcase Hong Ngu City (Dong Thap Province) as the pangasius capital, as it is the birthplace and development hub of the Mekong Delta’s pangasius industry. Since the early 1960s, border residents adjacent to Cambodia have known how to prosper from this fish species. Today, it has become one of Vietnam’s leading aquatic export products.

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The exhibition space at the Pangasius Festival in 2022 (Source: Hữu Duyên – BAOMI Hoan Cau)

The highlight here is that the festival not only serves as a platform to promote pangasius products but also provides an opportunity for seafood businesses to connect with each other. It is a place where various activities are organized to experience the pangasius space and fish species in general within the culture of Vietnam and the world. Additionally, visitors can indulge in culinary delights, souvenirs, and specialties made from pangasius.

Khách tham quan vui chơi và chụp tại cổng vào Lễ hội
Visitors enjoy playing and taking photos at the entrance gate of the festival. (Source: Hữu Duyên BAOMI Hoan Cau)

With the theme “Vươn ra biển lớn” (Reaching out to the sea) in 2022, it not only aims to honor the contributions of individuals, entities, and organizations to the pangasius industry in the Mekong Delta and Vietnam but also helps to change people’s perception of the image and practical value of the pangasius.

Source: Hữu Duyên – BAOMI Hoan Cau

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